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Disabled And Drunk Mobility Scooter Driver Veered Against Traffic

In a bizarre turn of events, an elderly woman was found drunk while driving her mobility scooter along the wrong side of the road. Tina Louise Daleney, aged 48 pledged guilty for her misdemeanor after police caught her on a one off chance. In the early hours of the day, June 22nd she drove through the Bridgeland Street drunk on her mobility scooter back from her binge party. This Friday, she appeared before the North Devon magistrates Court located at Ehelwynne Brown Close, Bideford saying that she was in a coma for three months after which she had to undergo rehabilitation for three more months. This was just her way of going free, but she realizes that she went far too overboard in her attempts to forget her harrowing past battles. According to Ben Winzer, the prosecutor, police on patrol duty for that night were driving through Mill Street around 2:55am when they jumped across to the junction on Bridgeland Street along their way to Quay only to find a mobility scooter heading their way on the wrong side. When she was told to park her scooter and take an alcohol test, she was found to be intoxicated with over 108 milligrams of alcohol in her blood urine. This is much higher than the allowed alcohol limit. Daleney spoke directly to the Magistrate without an representation saying, “I had never realized just how much I had drunk the previous night and although this was not a good excuse, it was a one-off occurrence that I have never committed before”. She further added, “I have since then given back the mobility scooter and take full responsibility for my actions that night”. Daleney is on heart medication and is scheduled for a heart surgery soon because of which the Magistrate considered her plea giving her a 12 months conditional discharge.

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