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Possibility of Legal Charges against Supertram for Flaunting Mobility Scooter Rule Changes

Stagecoach, the operator for SUPERTRAM may just be in a legal battle over the ban on mobility scooters from trams. In response to the possible indictment, Irwin Mitchell, a Sheffield law firm said that Stagecoach was acting in favor of disabled folks. The law against mobility scooters on trams is against the freedom of disabled folks and older people, it restricts them free passage on trams. Andrew Lockle, head at Irwin Mitchell said: “This policy change that prevents entry of mobility scooters on trams is looking like violating the Equality Act of 2010. The only question is how it shall occur on an individual basis.” “Currently, we at Irwin Mitchell have number of elderly and disabled clients who are filing challenges against this policy decision that limits their access onto public transports. The Supertram policy too could be challenged on behalf of our clients.” “According to the Equality act, one cannot discriminate against people based on age or disability, which means that elderly and disabled folks too should have an equal opportunity to use public transport. Mobility scooters being their mode of transport cannot and should not be banned from trams.” In its refute, Stagecoach said that it must act inside the rules and regulations as determined by the Department of Transport. Those who operate Mobility scooters currently have to undergo a test to prove that they can veer their scooters on and off buses before they get the chance to use trams. This is something that elderly folks have complained about because trams are usually more cramped than buses. Many benefits groups representing elderly have come out in heavy opposition against such regulations saying that it robs them of their independence. Passenger Transport Executive for South Yorkshire said, “At present there are many mobility scooter models that are just too bid to fit onto trams and buses hence the cause more of an obstruction than serving a helping purpose.”

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